Frequently Asked Questions

An insurance broker is a specialist in insurance and in risk management whom acts as the middle person between a client and an insurance company. Assisting customers to find an insurance policy that meets their requirement and needs.
Using an insurance broker may cost less than arranging cover with a direct insurer. Insurance Broker have knowledge and expertise to assess the market and can negotiate competitive premium on your behalf.
Insurance agent works for an insurance company. An insurance broker acts for the customer and can explore a range of products & services available in the market and offer you tailored advice.
The most common types of insurance that insurance broker offer ranges from business package, Contractors Plant & Machinery, Commercial Property, professional Indemnity, commercial motor, Farm and Crop & Marine.
Brokers are paid commission by the insurance company and can also charge a service/brokerage fees.

Is it better to go with an insurance broker? Insurance broker can save you time, money & worry. They can help you identify your risk exposures and assist in finding the right covers that’s suitable to your needs.
Brokers can assist by negotiating settlement with the insurer on your behalf to ensure claims are settled swiftly so you can be back to normal as soon as possible.
Find an insurance broker that is qualified, keeps you informed throughout the claims process and works hard to find you the best coverage and provides solutions for your needs at the best rate.

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