Public & Products Liability Insurance

Do you need it?

If you own a business, then more than likely Liability insurance is required. Running your own business can be stressful and the chance of something occurring is unpredictable. You have a duty of care to third parties that are associated with your business & it’s related activities.


Public & Products Liability insurance provides cover for your business against negligence relating to your daily business activities or products for injury & property damage to third parties.

What does it cover?

A typical Public & Products Liability policy can provide cover for:
  • Legal representation costs incurred in the defence or settlement of a claim.
  • Injury or physical damage to a third party caused by your business operations.
  • Damage of goods that you do not own which are in your care, custody or control.
  • Liability caused by the act of others acting on your behalf during the course of your business operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to file a claim with My Insurance Specialist, you can visit their claims page for more information. This page is designed to provide you with a straightforward and streamlined process for reporting a claim and getting the support you need to resolve any issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Public liability insurance provides businesses with several benefits. Firstly, it protects against financial losses that can arise from third-party claims. If a third party, such as a customer, supplier, or member of the public, suffers an injury or property damage due to your business activities, they may hold your business liable and seek compensation. Public liability insurance can help cover the costs of legal defense, settlements, or judgments, minimizing the financial impact on your business.

Secondly, public liability insurance helps safeguard your business reputation. Legal disputes and compensation claims can tarnish your business reputation, leading to negative publicity and loss of trust among customers, partners, and stakeholders. Having public liability insurance can demonstrate that your business is responsible and proactive in mitigating risks, which can enhance your reputation and instill confidence in your stakeholders.

Thirdly, public liability insurance can provide peace of mind to business owners. Running a business involves inherent risks, and accidents or incidents resulting in injuries or damages can occur despite your best efforts. Having public liability insurance in place can provide peace of mind, knowing that your business has financial protection against potential liabilities and can focus on its core operations without undue worry about unexpected legal or financial challenges.

Additionally, public liability insurance may be a requirement for certain contracts or partnerships. Some clients or vendors may require you to have public liability insurance as a condition for doing business or entering into contracts. Having this coverage in place can help you meet such requirements and ensure smooth business operations.

The cost of public liability insurance can vary depending on several factors, including the location, size, and nature of your business, coverage limits, deductible amounts, industry risks, and other variables.

To get an accurate estimate of the cost of public liability insurance for your specific business, contact us using the form below. Alternatively, visit our contact page to give to speak to an insurance specialist.

It is important to assess your business risks and consult with an insurance professional to determine the appropriate coverage limits for your specific needs. In some cases, clients or contracts may require a certain minimum amount of public liability insurance coverage as a condition for doing business.

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